Friday, June 1, 2012

Shoutout To The Moms Who Have Lost A Child.

It Amazes Me That There Are So Many Women In The Same Position As Me... 
I Am So Lucky I Found BBC Because I Dont Know What I Would Have Done Without Some Of Those Ladies. I Never Actually Realized How Many People Lost A Baby Before (Well I Also Never Thought I Would Be In That Group). 
     Anyways It Will Be 2 Weeks On Monday And In These 2 Weeks Ive Met Soooooo Many Woman Who Have Lost Babys. Not Even Miscarriages, These Are Woman Who Had A Stillborn Or Their Baby Passed Soon After Birth.  Why Isnt This Talked About?. Why Are We Pushed To A Corner And Left To Fend For Ourselves?. Thats A Little Over Dramatic But Thats How It Feels. 
   Im Only 21... Well Ill Be 22 In August But When I Got Pregnant Never Did I Think That Could Happen To Me. I Did Think I Was Going To Miscarry But Once I Got To 4 Months I Was Relieved.  Its One Of Those "That Could Never Happen To Me" Things. It Took Me All The Way Until A Week Before Zy Passed Away For His Condition To Go From Poor To Fatal. Some Ladies Dont Even Know Anything Is Wrong Until They Give Birth, Or Go Into Early Labor Randomly
     The Woman Who I Have Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Through This Journey Were So Strong They Are Truly An Inspiration.  Each One Helped Me Figure Out Something About This Path Ive Been Chosen To Go Down Not To Mention A Lady From Texas Who Just Let Me Babble And Helped Me Do Research On My Sons Condition And Treatments To Ask The Doctor About Before He Passed.  I Always Knew God Put People In Your Life For A Reason But I Feel Like I Am Really Seeing Him Work Right In Front Of My Eyes. These Ladies Taught Me That Life Still Goes On. My Son Is Well Takin Care Of And Now I Need To Take Care Of Me.  I Remember Being Told It Was "Ohkayy To Be Sadd". But I Dont Think I Really Felt Sad Until I Was Leaving The Hospital And I Kissed Zyaires Little Head And Told Him I Loved Him And Thats When I Realized I Wouldnt See Him Until It Was My Time To Go To God.  After That I Was Incredibly Sad. Its A Situation That No Matter How Scared Or Sad You Are You Just Cant Avoid...
    Anyways I Just Wanted To Give A Little Shout Out To All The Ladies That Lost Children(Miscarriages Included). No Matter How Much Time We Got To Spend With Our Babies We Are Still Mothers.  Our Children Live On Through Us<3. And All The Ladies From BBC You Guys Are Amazing And So Strong. 

May All The Little Babies Rest In Paradise Along Side My Baby Boy Zyaire

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