Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Big Day Tomorrow...

Zy Is Ready To Come Home. Yayy. I Struggle With The Fact He Was Cremated Its What I Wanted Its Just That My Perfect Baby Boy Is Now Inside An Urn. But Im Happy He Will Be Home... Were Going To Get The Room Ready And I Want To Get Some Kind Of Tree To Plant After We Bring Him Home Like A Memorial.
    My Boyfriend Has Been Amazing I Couldnt Have Asked For Anyone Better. Im Kinda Scared All The Good Will Blow Over But I Hope Not Because I Dont See Myself With Anyone Else. Hes Been So Supportive.
   Ohh Zys Obituary Was In The Paper Today And Will Be Online For A Year That Made Me Happy Seeing His Name. I Got All Excited In The Store So Did My Boyfriend I Know They Thought We Were Crazy. But Whatever I Like Reading His Name On Paper It Makes It Feel More Real I Guess... I Love My Son.
   So I Guess All I Needed Was Some Motivation I Think Im Just Trying To Give All This A Reason. My Goal Is To Get Back In School And Save Some Money And Get My Own Place... I Want To Use This Time To Better Myself This Way Its Like He Has Meaning. I Dont Want My Son To Be A Bad Time In My Life. 
   Anyways Thats All For Tonight Because I Kind Of Have A Headache. 
Im Sure Ill Have More To Ramble About Tomorrow Seeing As How Ive Got Alot To Do. This Is The First "Project" Im Tackling Since My Sons Been Born.

Rest In Paradise Zy Baby<3. 

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